MISSAL Foundation is a non-government and non-profit organization, registered under SECP companies ordinance, 1984 [XLVII of 1984] registration # 0083454.

MISSAL Foundation is working with its head office in Islamabad [Blue Area] and Liaison office in F-7 Islamabad and regional offices in Narowal, Sahiwal & Sialkot.

We are a non-profitable organization dedicated to betterment of society. We have been committed to reinforce basic human rights for over a decade and aspire to continue contributing to the well-being of the downtrodden and needy. We work in active collaboration with other national and international organizations who share our common goal of social upliftment. We try and reach to various sections of society which are in need of support, and lend best help to enable them achieve a better life and restore their rights. We strive towards ensuring rights based society by silently working against the truculence and tyranny of oppressors of all kinds be it ignorance, illiteracy or the state machinery.

We at Missal Foundation commit ourselves to the creation of a society wherein people have access to education, talent shaping and enhancement, civic amenities and opportunity to work and earn. We seek to develop a social framework which promotes self-reliance strengthened by the pillars of equal rights, justice, honesty, social sensitivity and service. We dream of an all-empowered society, where people dream and work toward an able and dignified life irrespective of their gender, caste, and economic and social strata.

We work for every aspect of society which tends to get relegated to the corner. Our consistent work in the field of struggle for human rights in the face of blatant communalism has given a new orientation to the discourse of secularism. We give voice to those who have been silent for their rights. We provide opportunity to those who have talents but no avenues. We facilitate and inspire a better living sense, equipping people having lesser resources with possibilities to stand on their feet. We strive to reinforce a culture of equality and justice irrespective of gender, caste, color or creed and help people stand up for what they believe in. We help people believe in themselves.


Women and Child rights
Water and Saniation
Education & Vocational Training
Interfaith & Communal Harmony
Social Democracy